Culture: What’s in it for the Employer?

Jeni Ogilvy

C Min

 In my previous article, I explained what culture means and the metrics you can use to keep it in check. We learnt from our iknowho candidate survey that culture is the most important factor when it comes to looking for a new employer, but what does a good work culture mean for the business?

Look at work culture as the character that shapes the person, work culture is what defines the organisation. It is widely understood that having a positive encouraging environment can help an individual grow whether that be in the office or at school. Being amongst a negative environment can lead to a lack of performance and creativity.

What do you gain with a strong and unified work culture:

  • Identity: Your company's culture represents your brand's image and values for your employees to act by. If you’re seen as a fun-loving brand, then your employees will emulate this.
  • Retention: Giving incentive and appraisals aren’t always enough to retain your staff. It’s going that extra mile and trusting the employee, instilling a sense of confidence and unity. If the employee feels the love from the company then they in return will be loyal to the organisation.
  • Looking out for one another: Working with colleagues that help one another can help you develop your skill set and improve your performance. An employee’s behaviour is dependent on their own individual character but is also shaped by the organisation. When you start a new job, you observe the people around you, if your fellow workers are working collectively, you will adopt this behaviour. Entering a workplace where everyone is out for themselves creates hostility and demotivation.
  • Attracting more talent: Candidates are always asking what is the company culture like? The iknowho consultants are in the know when it comes to an organisations culture. We offer candidates insight to place them in the right environment based on their own personality and expertise. When an employee is happy then they will advertise this to their friends, ex-colleagues resulting in more individuals having interest in your company.

Having a strong company culture is not only beneficial for the employee but also the employer. Our iknowho survey showed back in 2014 that the number one important factor was career development then brands, nowadays culture is the priority, ensuring a good work culture is a great way to retain your staff and get the best out of their abilities.

Culture is very important to us and for that reason, we’re proudly sponsoring the 2017 AdNews People & Culture award, for the second year running. Who will be this year's winners? Watch this space for more articles on culture.