Knowhow to get the most out of your recruiter part 2

Beth Price

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Following on from my previous blog on choosing the right recruiter for you…you have now hopefully picked your perfect recruitment partner…but what next? Here are my top tips on getting the most out of your recruitment relationship;


Ask questions - When you meet face to face, come armed with some questions on the market, on your interview skills etc. They should be able to give you some great insights and tips on how to improve, it is all helpful for your career moving forward.

Be honest - This is, I think, where recruiters get a bad rep and this needs to change. This is a two-way relationship and both parties need to upfront and honest with each other if it is going to work. Be honest with them and they will be honest with you, if you are guarded and don’t want to give details then be prepared that you may get this back. Open conversations based on honesty and trust will certainly get the most out of your recruiter, which links into…

Keep them in the loop - recruiters at the end of the day are people and my motto in life is ‘treat people how you wish to be treated’, if you want that open and honest relationship with your recruiter.

Show your personality - Tell them who you are, what you care about outside of the workplace, how you like to be managed and how you like to work. This helps them when meeting clients and matching this with your personality. Culture and being yourself in work is so very important so don’t put on a façade with your recruiter, arm them with all the information you can so they can do the best job for you. 


If you would like to hear more from iknowho and start a long-lasting relationship today please do get in touch, it’s about being in the know.