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Salary Calculator

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Are you looking to negotiate a pay rise or trying to work out what that new job will add to your pay packet?

We want you to be in the know…. so use the iknowho marketing salary calculator to find out.

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Please note: This tool should be used only as a guide and does not replace financial advice.
The calculation provides estimates based upon the Australian Tax Office tax tables. Calculations assume Australian residency. They do not include the Medicare levy, HECS or other possible tax considerations.

Salary and pay calculator

​Do you want to know what your take home pay each week, fortnight, month or year will be?

Use this handy calculator to work out what will be going into your bank account after tax and any other deductions including student loans are taken into account.

Calculate your take home pay here

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This calculator is written in accordance with the formulas set out by the ATO and tested against the provided sample data.

The results obtained may differ slightly from the amounts shown in the published PAYG tax tables resulting from the rounding of components.