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Interviewer Tips

Some Top Tips

Last year iknowho interviewed just over 750 marketers in person and a further 600 by phone,
so with all this interview practice these are just some interesting facts we’ve noticed over the years;

Interview facts

  • A decision is usually made within the first 10 mins and then the rest of the time is spent justifying the decision
  • Interviewers use the “I like you, if you’re like me” approach irrespective of the role
  • The more the interviewer talks, the more favourably the candidates are evaluated
  • Research shows that interviewers are more influenced by negatives than positives
  • The most successful interviews are structured

Our top interview tips

  • Interviews are a great PR tool – use them wisely
  • Be prepared (read their CV) – and be on time!
  • Welcome (greeting, introduce yourself and your role)
  • Set an agenda and timeframe
  • The candidate should ‘feel’ superior
  • Listen with your ears
  • Keep the interview flowing – ask open/delving questions
  • Consider the competencies required and prepare open ended questions
  • Remember your self-presentation too – this counts!
  • Follow up – EVEN if they are not right, manners are important!