Stay Positive - You Are What You Think

Brianna Paton

Stay positive with gratitude

Some of you may have recently read an article by our marketing guru Helen Evans, reflecting on the statistics of the mental health of the advertising and media industry.


I personally have experienced my own highs and lows working in the advertising space, however, a change in sector doesn’t mean I’m immune to the pressures of work and life. Something I have recently researched is the power of positivity and how it is connected to success in business, home-life and wellbeing.


It’s an incredibly simple concept but one we often forget to embrace or put into practice daily. Now I’m not saying don’t feel sad or down at times, all emotions are important and valid but what are you doing with them? Are you ignoring them, repressing them, or as the study would suggest drinking through them?


In order to improve and grow your positivity, practising gratitude is a great exercise. This means being grateful for even those more uncomfortable emotions, as they are the ones that are teaching us what NOT to do in order to continue moving in the direction that makes us happiest. It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you do and changing this perception is a simple shift that you can actively do daily.


Here's a quick example:

A person is being difficult and demanding, making projects harder than needed.

  • Negative: I can’t do it, it’s not fair, I hate my job – This is a victim’s perspective!
  • Positive: I am grateful for the learning opportunities I can take from this situation. However, I also trust my boundaries and know when I need to stand my ground in a positive and respectful way.

No matter what happens with the person you are dealing with you can learn from the experience, generating positive emotions from the uncomfortable situation and in-turn attracting the right energy for you and your business.


So, how do you maintain that positive mindset as much as possible? Get grateful each morning! Make a practice of writing down all the things you are grateful for. This can be more than just family, friends, your dog. Get right down to things like clean water to drink and a bed to sleep in… remember not everyone has that (no guilt trip intended). Perspective is everything.


The best thing about being grateful every day is you will naturally vibrate positive energy which in turn returns more positive energy. Surround yourself with other positive people and stay mindful. By watching the external factors that have a negative impact on your mood, you will start to be able to navigate your daily path to avoid those things or lessen the impact they have on you as you become more resilient.


Tips and tricks include:


  • Listening to positive music, podcasts, e-books etc.
  • Writing in your gratitude book daily
  • Doing more of the things that make you happy
  • Don't push away negative emotions; embrace them and let them pass
  • Avoid negative energy and people
  • Sleep and eat well; nourish the body as well as the mind
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Try new things and keep learning about yourself
  • Smile – it is almost impossible to maintain negative thoughts when you keep your eyes above the horizon and plaster a smile on your dial! It’s a physiological thing!


Now, how about a 30-day challenge?  Are you up for it?

Every morning wake up and state one thing you are thankful for beginning with the letter A and move through the alphabet.  It will make you think!  That’s 26 days – so for the last 4 days, choose your favourite gratitude and expand on why you are grateful.  It will be a happy month!


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