The secret to happier work….

Dene Gambotto

The secret to happier work….

My bestie happens to be a Clinical Psychologist… I know how lucky am I?  She’s always so good at sharing interesting links, articles and videos with me on happiness (particularly in the workplace). She recently introduced me to Shawn Achor and his studies into what makes people happy at work.


I’m naturally a glass half full kind of girl, but doing the work that I do I often meet people who’ve lost their optimism or their job satisfaction is affecting their personal life negatively. It got me thinking do jobs make us unhappy? Or do we? 


Achor has written multiple books and his TEDx talk has over 19 Million views. He found that “90% of your happiness is determined by the way your brain views the world and not by the external world”. So, take a break from scrolling LinkedIn or Instagram and watch this short talk on the link between happiness and productivity.