What’s happening in the marketing industry for job seekers right now?

Brianna Paton

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Helpful insights into the current market from Sydney’s favourite marketing recruiters at iknowho.

It has been an astonishing time to be in recruitment. The one thing I can share across the board is people’s resilience and positivity, there has been a real “one for all and all for one” mentality (sorry for the musketeer’s quote) as we’ve seen redundancies, jobseeker and jobkeeper payments, pay cuts and forced annual leave affecting many people.

While it’s been a lot to digest, I think what has pulled us through is knowing we are all in it together.

How is the Sydney marketing industry looking for jobs seekers right now?

It’s no secret the recruitment market came to a standstill in March and remained stagnant for the following 4 months. I felt like a broken record with my messages of positivity and hope of a quick recovery.

Now, I am not an economist, or in finance or politics, BUT, I can count, and what I can tell you is that in the last three weeks our jobs board has increased by 400%. Visit our jobs page to check out all our roles for yourself here.

We have seen jobs across the board, freelance and permanent roles for both client-side and agency-side and I wanted to share with you the joy, happiness and relief that I feel by sharing a few helpful insights.

Have salaries changed for marketing jobs?

We haven’t seen a major change, to be honest, expected salary brackets remain the same, you can see in our market standards tables here. What has changed is negotiation options, budgets are tight and down to the dollar. So, when you are applying for roles, don’t assume they have extra budget behind the scenes. They don’t. Apply for roles that are in-line with your salary expectations to save time.

What are the most in-demand skills right now in the marketing industry?

It’s not a huge shock that digital marketers are in high demand. While we have seen roles across the board, from integrated to shopper, the popular choice is digital marketers, both agency and client-side. If you are looking to do a “COVID Course” and up-skill I highly recommend brushing up your digital marketing capabilities. Check out General Assembly – they do some cool stuff.

Is now a good time to be looking for my dream job?

If you have a dream, follow it! Don’t let COVID deter you completely from looking at changing jobs right now. What would your grandma say? Be realistic that it could take a little more time right now, but never sell yourself short or accept something that isn’t what you want.

Here’s a tip if can’t find the right role but need $$ to pay the rent – Freelance! Have you thought about the option of freelancing before? Now is a great time and we are happy to help you move into a freelance role and get contract work while you wait for your dream gig. Check out our latest blog with tips for first time and veteran freelancers here.

As the market continues to gain momentum don’t feel that you can’t reach out and ask questions to any of the iknowho consultants.

We can help with:

The last few months I have felt more like a therapist than a recruiter but hey, if it helps, I am here!

Get in touch if you’re looking for marketing jobs in Sydney, or if you’re a business looking for agency or client-side talent we'd love to chat to you!