Survey Results: Flexible Working Within the Marketing Industry

18 July 2020 Brooke Cashman

Flexible Working In The Marketing Industry

We surveyed over 100 marketing professionals about their experiences following the changes in how and where they work due to COVID-19, and have collated this into an easy to read report for our clients and candidates.

Although it’s not without its challenges, the results show a clear demand for more flexible working arrangements moving forward.

What does this mean for you as an employee, or as an employer?

Key findings:

  • Only 27% of marketers are looking forward to going back to the office when restrictions are lifted
  • 98% of marketers have experienced positive benefits while working from home
  • There are some downsides though, with 1 in 5 people experiencing loneliness and 1 in 10 mental health issues
  • 86% of people are wanting a mix of working from home and the office going forward
  • 79% of marketers already had some sort of flexible working options offered in their workplace

Download full report here

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