Five tips to future proof your business to attract and retain top talent

Brianna Paton

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As restrictions start to ease (and tighten, then ease again!), the 2020 version of recruitment and candidates’ priorities have changed. We recently surveyed over 100 marketers on flexible working arrangements and found some interesting results around how people see the future way of working.

Here are some insights to get you thinking about how you can future proof your business and continue to attract top talent.

Flexible working arrangements

It’s a hot topic right now with changes in how and where people are working due to COVID-19. The results from our survey found that this really is a must-have if you want to attract, retain and sustain top talent going forward. A whopping 79% of the marketing industry stated that flexible working arrangements will be a pre-requisite for career moves in the future. Why fight it? Only 20% of the industry don’t offer any flexibility, be progressive and be part of the positive change.

Using technology to stay connected

Staying connected when working remote has to be a priority to maintain productivity and high-quality work in your teams. As the industry moves to a flexible working structure how do we keep internal communication flowing just like we would in the office? Use of relevant technology and making sure everyone is trained up correctly is imperative to ensure important information is communicated and logged.

Some technology workplaces are utilising:

1.     Hubstaff

2.     Monday

3.     Google Drive

4.     Slack

5.     Todoist

6.     PukkaTeam

7.     HelloSign

8.     1Password

The importance of Human Resources and People and Culture consultants

New hires need to know who they can turn to when they have problems or questions at work when they’re not face-to-face with their new colleagues and still trying to navigate their new role. The new trend of flat structures and remote working often means people might be left to fend for themselves. At the least, aim to have a designated buddy assigned for new hires that will be able to ensure they feel supported and who invite a safe place to ask those silly questions a new hire may not want to bother their new boss with, of whom they are trying to impress.

Part-time People and Culture and Human Resources consultants can really contribute to the growth of the business while providing support both professionally and personally to your team. There are some great consultants out there who can offer this service as a third-party supplier. Reach out to one of the iknowho team for recommendations on who might be right for your business.

Your online presence

What does your company say online, when did you last update your website, who is managing your social media channels and what kind of blog articles are published/shared by your business?

The first thing a potential new hire will do is check you out online. This isn’t just a light Google search; we are talking a full digital stalk of you and your brand. You need to ensure what your company stands for and the culture it has built is communicated effectively online via your website, social media channels and digital footprint.

A quick SEO audit will tell you how you are sitting from a search perspective and if you have any work you need to do to ensure your company shines online and attracts the best talent.

Zoom interviews are still interviews

The hires that have been made over the past few months since lockdown started have been for immediate starts, with businesses restructuring and moving to remote working, sudden gaps in the team have meant quick hires are required. A sense of urgency shouldn’t mean we rush the process, and this goes for interviews too.

A Zoom interview is still an interview, so the same rules apply.

- Dress professionally and represent your company/brand appropriately.

- Be prepared, have the CV of the candidate and relevant supporting documentation ready for the meeting

- Put time aside, we recommend 45 minutes for an initial interview

- Structure the meeting and ask relevant questions

- Remember your background, use a digital backdrop if you don’t have a professional setting at home.

- Remember people talk, this candidate, whether hired by you or not, will share with their network their experience with you. Make it a positive story.

The above are recommendations to future proof your business. Every business is different and what will work for some won’t work for all, but now is the time to be open-minded and think to the future. What do your people need to succeed and grow? The market is changing and therefore so is the way that we attract, recruit, retain top talent.

For more information on market trends and how you can ensure your business is at the forefront of the changing industry speak to iknowho, we are here to help.

Click here to access the full report for our Flexible working in the marketing industry survey.