Knowhow to Get the Most out of Your Recruiter - Part 1

Beth Price

Happy Australia Day (1)

Here at iknowho we always try to put our candidates and clients first, making sure we build real relationships, not transactional ones. Recruiters sometimes get a bad rep, I personally have worked in recruitment for over 7 years within different companies with different values and demands - isn’t an easy job and yes there are cowboys out there but there are also some cracking ones that genuinely care and can help you in your career. 

Recruiters are just people at the end of the day, we are human. If you want to build a successful relationship it is a two -way street, whether you are a client or a candidate looking for your recruitment partner it is important to choose wisely first, before working with a recruiter. Here are my personal top tips for choosing the right recruiter for you;

Referrals from friends in the industry - have your friends worked with recruiters in the past, if so who would they recommend, this is the best way I would say as it is someone who has had a real experience. Recruiters should share the same values as the company they work for, but the best referral is probably for the individual person as a recruiter rather than the company.

Reviews - in our current world of technology, online reviews are more prevalent and a great way to choose a service, product etc. Companies can make claims, and shout about ‘putting the customer first’, hearing it from the horses’ mouth is a different thing.

Meet them face to face - judge for yourself. If the recruiter is only willing to chat over the phone, then do they really have interest in you and your career? They should ask to meet you and if they don’t then ask to meet them! You will know when you meet face-to-face whether you will have an open, honest relationship with them and if they really know their stuff!

An extension of your brand - whether you are a client or a candidate on the job hunt it is important that you look at your recruiter as an extension of your brand. Ask yourself - ‘Am I happy for this person to represent me/our brand?’, do they have a good knowledge of the market, smart with their questions, personable and genuinely care? Trust your gut and yourself in making that judgement.

So, my final piece of advice would be to choose carefully, this should be a long-lasting relationship you are creating so get the foundations right and I promise it will make your life so much easier!

Look out for my next blog (part 2) with my tips on working with a recruiter