Rate your hiring practices with our quick unconscious bias quiz

Dene Gambotto

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Our quiz is a quick litmus test to help you assess your levels of unconscious bias in your hiring practices. Take the test - be honest with your answers to really uncover practices you may need to focus on.

Unconscious bias can affect your thoughts on a candidate's gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geographical, socioeconomic, academic background, religious, heritage and even life experience. Our quiz is based on gender bias.

To recruit the best we believe we need to remove the blinkers and search for skills and competencies - before anything else.

We don't allow ourselves to make quick assumptions based on irrelevant info such as gender, race and home address. Like all recruiting skills, an inclusive approach takes practice to perfect.

Over the last year, we’ve recruited a diverse range of marketers – from 14 nationalities and 72% of senior appointments were female.

To help us achieve this we are mindful of the language we use in job ads and how our clients describe roles in their job descriptions – to ensure we’re attracting and engaging a cross-section of genders for all opportunities. Read more here.

Q. Do you know which of these words would skew your job applicants to male candidates?

ambitious         driven        passionate

A. The correct answers are ambitious and driven.

There are a number of ways bias can infiltrate our practices which crush the benefits that diversity can bring to an organisation;

  • Increased adaptability
  • Better customer service
  • Greater Innovation
  • Easier Recruitment and retention

To find out more about how you can remove bias from your practices, contact iknowho to discuss best practice.