Interview Prep: How to Really Get to Know a Company Before You Interview – Part Two

Marissa La Spina


You’ve covered all areas of the company, now how to apply what you’ve learned from your research in the interview:-

  • Demonstrate that you know their company values by giving examples of what you’ve done/how you work aligned to their company values
  • Has the company achieved any awards, trends or appeared in the Marketing news space – mentioning a great new client win for a creative agency really shows you’re across the market and what opportunities they have available
  • You read an interesting article by the MD and you liked the way they analysed digital trends – worth a mention!
  • You’ve learned that they plan to grow and expand in the area of social media and you can contribute to this by your previous experience in content creation and Facebook targeted ads
  • They worked on five key campaigns and you thought they executed the brief well – have an opinion and inform them you liked what you saw/read and how you’d like to be part of an exciting project

I recently worked with a great new client who specialise in social media and are a global player in the market, they work with great brands and execute campaigns on a large scale. I approached a candidate who was super keen on the role however not knowing much about them had to heavily research what they were all about, where they appeared in industry news and what brands they worked with.

The MD in the business is very engaged with trends and marketing news and has recently written blogs which gained traction across their website and social channels. My candidate was so impressed by the articles they mentioned this in the interview and it opened up a great conversation with the Senior Account Director as they shared their opinions and love for social media. All this research really does pay off as they got the job!

So researching a company prior to interview is so much more than having a look at their website. It really is beneficial to dig deeper, allowing you to wow the company at interview, demonstrating your passion and commitment, but also to make sure they are the kind of place you want to work.

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