Give your workspace a fresh new look for 2020

Dene Gambotto

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Take a moment to clear your desk from all the unnecessary papers, receipts and coffee mugs. Study after study has shown the downside of a cluttered environment and how it restricts your brain's capacity to focus on information. So the new year is the perfect time to give your workspace a fresh new look. 

Once it’s all clear assess your workspace – what does it need to be more effective? How do you make it more appealing?


  • Invest in a plant

    • There’s no denying that plants make a workspace look nicer but there’s also some great health benefits too. A study from the United Kingdom found that bringing plants into the workplace not only increased productivity by 15% but also increased concentration and workplace satisfaction.


  • Treat yourself to some new stationery

    • January sales are on so pop to your local Typo or Kikki K and delight yourself with a snazzy new pen holder, notebook or pen.



  • An oil diffuser

    • An oil diffuser is a great investment to boost moods and concentration levels throughout the day. Lavender oil, for example is claimed to have many health benefits, with aromatherapy practitioners using it for anxiety, restlessness, and also depression.



  • Office ergonomics matter

    • What can you do to be more comfortable – do you need a footstool, stand up desk or a new chair providing better support?   A comfortable workspace will make you more productive and reduce stress levels.


Your office should be a space that inspires and energizes you, so it's well worth the time, thought, and investment. Let’s have a fresh start - not only for the beginning of the year but the decade! Happy New Year!