If I take this job…which doors will open and which may close?

11 October 2018 Dene Gambotto

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When considering a new job or promotion ask yourself “if I take this job…which doors will open and which may close?” Be really honest with yourself – is it a sound strategic career move? Or is it the money, manager, brand or location that is swaying you?


Too often I see great marketers make poor career decisions – which then dilutes their experience.


Imagine this scenario

A Marketing Manager with 5 years experience with Qantas Loyalty and 2 years with BUPA decides to make the move agency-side. Why? They think it looks fun. Perhaps more creative and social? By making that move which doors will most likely close? If they do two years agency side…where can their next move take them? Sure, they would be able to move into another agency, but will they be able to make the move back to client-side? What skills will the time spent in agency-land provide? And how will they stack up against someone who stayed client-side and moved into a Senior Marketing Manager role?


A good exercise to help envisage where this potential move could lead is to actually flesh our your CV as if you’ve already taken the job…. How will your CV then look to a future employer? Will it take you closer to achieving your long-term goals? Is the role in line with your personal values? And does your CV continue to ‘make sense’ or does it now move around too much?


Every step in your career should open doors in line with where you want to go….doors are opened by gaining new skills.  Be mindful to make the right choices and you’ll find you get to where you want to be quicker than if you decide to take a detour!


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