The September Search

Brianna Paton


It’s coming into the busiest time in recruitment and if you have been keeping an eye on the market you will have noticed the number of jobs advertised is increasing!  In creative agency world pitches have been won, budgets have been signed off and the work must be produced…so the resourcing can begin!


Now is the time to have a look at your current role, reflect on the past 12-months and decide if you are ready to make a change. Things to consider during this reflection stage include, career progression, goals achieved to date, general engagement in the role, work-life balance, salary, mentorship and tenure.


If you decide you are open to new opportunities, this is the time to start preparing so you can confidently approach your job search, sure of what you’re looking for and how you plan to present yourself.


Remember, when beginning the job search there are a couple of initial housekeeping rules… make sure your CV is up to date, and that it also reflects the information on your LinkedIn profile (more on this on the iknowho blog).


Proactive job searching: Through reflection of your experiences to date and identifying where your core skills lie VS. the areas you want to grow into, you should be able to visualise the style of role you are looking for next in terms of title, sector, company culture and scope of work.  Using this information, start researching companies who align with your ideals and search to see if they have roles advertised – if there are no roles advertised ask for an introduction via a friend or trusted industry recruiter.


Live role searching: If you are wanting to apply for advertised roles, which is typically the fastest way to jump into a new role, make sure you are staying true to your “ideal next role requirements” and don’t just apply for anything that looks ok!


The best platforms for creative agency roles (and where iknowho shares live roles) include; Linkedin, Seek, Mumbrella, Pedestrian & Indeed. These sites tend to have the most relevant, and largest volume of creative agency roles. When searching on these platforms, be specific with your criteria to ensure you are keeping your search focused. Don’t be afraid to experiment with “key search words” either, as they can help pull up niche roles of interest to you, examples of keyword searches are digital, experiential, start-up, design, branding, content or CX. These search terms will help distinguish the style of agency the available roles are with.


When applying for roles online, ensure you tailor your CV and Cover Letter to each specific role. For opportunities you’re really keen on, don’t forget to follow up with a call within 24 hours if you haven’t heard back! If you find you’re not getting any response after a week then I would talk to your preferred recruiter to check your CV is effective and that you’re applying for the right kind of roles for your level and skillset.


Your preferred recruiter is always great to consult early on in your job search. Whilst you can keep your own personal search going, your recruiter will be able to give you insights including market insights, salary advice, interview tips and training, as well as keeping you in the loop with other relevant opportunities from their network which may be suitable for you.


If you have any further questions on how to approach your job search, iknowho is always happy to help. Get in touch for a confidential chat.


Happy job hunting!