Know Your Audience

Brianna Paton

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Recently, I met with a lovely Irish girl who held solid skills within the CRM, digital and the CX realm, available immediately (a rare find). After providing some market insights and trends, and asking some more about what kind of agency culture she was looking for I had the realisation she would be PERFECT for one of my clients.


My only problem – they weren’t actively recruiting. However, through solid client management and regular check-ins I have a very good relationship with this client. Such understanding of their business provides me with insights including the fact they are good to their people, they are open to slightly left-of-field profiles; hiring people based on their ambitions and abilities rather than just what’s on paper. And, as a result of their diversity, their culture and the work they are outputting is fantastic!


I told my Irish gal about this agency and her eyes lit up so I knew an introduction was in order, true I had live briefs that I could have chatted to her about or potentially introduced her too but they weren’t right from a “fit” perspective. Although I could have pushed her a little, ‘selling’ her in as it were, it wouldn’t have been right for either her or these agency’s in the long run.


So, off I went to introduce her to the agency of her dreams if not for a role right now, perhaps as an investment for the future.


The result from my client: “she looks great Bree. Perfect profile, is she available now?”


The next day my candidate interviewed and as a result was offered a role to start the next day. It just goes to show the trust between candidate and consultant, and consultant and client allows for a seamless recruitment process with honestly and integrity being upheld at every step.


In the last six months 1/3 of my placements have been speculative introductions, demonstrating one of the reasons why I see client partnerships as so important. I therefore encourage all clients to take the time to chat with your recruiter and update them with what’s happening in the agency because you never know when they are about about to meet your perfect candidate!