Take a Break, Take a Planned Holiday

Jeni Ogilvy

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Last week on the 7th April was World Health Day, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the beautiful New Zealand scenery. This day got me thinking, do others plan as much as I do before going on holiday to maximise their annual leave or am I just a planning fanatic. Taking some planned time away can help personally and professionally - so how do you utilise your annual leave?

Australian’s who are working full time are entitled to four weeks of annual leave, this is plenty of time to have some well-deserved R&R but can easily be wasted if it isn’t well planned. Here are few things you can address to further reap the rewards of your annual leave:

Time well spent: Write a list of what types of break you want to have? Are you looking more to explore a new city or sit by a beach? How many days off do you need?

Public Holidays: If you are lucky enough to book off time around the public holidays then get utilising them. Booking time off around these days can result in a longer break for you and less annual leave days used, be ahead of the game and book your break for the following year.

Travel: There is no better way to invigorate your mind and body then stepping into another culture, enjoying new surroundings that are different to your normal life. I spent two weeks hiking across the South Island of New Zealand, coming very close to one of the few glaciers you can walk across in the world and swinging through canyons. If this doesn’t sound like your type of holiday, then I don’t blame you it’s not for everyone.

R&R: Sometimes you don’t need a week off, you need a short amount of time to relax and just switch off. A short break can help maintain your overall health and help reduce your number of sick days.

What invigorates you? Sometimes the things you most enjoy get pushed to the side due to work commitments. Utilise your annual leave by being reacquainted with those hobbies and interests you’ve neglected, you’ll find you go back to work more invigorated.

Switch off: We all can be a slave to technology, so take some time off from social media and enjoy your break.

Accomplish something: Don’t think a day off is a day wasted, plan to accomplish something that you have been putting off. There is no better self-satisfaction then ticking something off your to-do list.


Well planned annual leave not only allows your work to manage while you’re away but your time off will be more fulfilled, resulting in a happier you and ready to get back to work.

So get planning!