New Year New Me

12 December 2017 Brianna Paton


You have to look back to look forward

It’s that time of year again, Christmas parties are the norm (as are the sick days), last minute projects being pushed out the door (or pushed until the new year), and that realisation like a bucket of ice water over your head that yet another year has passed.

It’s easy to feel the burn (out) at this time of year, we’ve spent on average 2080 hours with our colleagues, clients, and suppliers. It’s natural to be ready to run screaming into the X-mas break never to return. My advice, look past the last few weeks, think about the achievements you have made as an individual and as a team. The new skills someone took the time to teach you and the time that Amanda in accounts helped you out with that invoice you couldn’t understand. This isn’t a time to fed up or frustrated but a time for gratitude and reflection on the good times you’ve had.

However, if you are thinking of jumping ship, if you truly believe you have outgrown your current company and no longer see professional growth on the horizon then there is a more practical way you could be spending your precious 10 days over X-Mas New Year apart from floating around on an inflatable thong drink in hand.  

New Year/New Job Survival Check List:

  1. Have you spoken to your current employer and expressed your concerns/reason for wanting to leave? Best to get that conversation out of the way as they will most likely counter offer you anyway and this way you are all on the same page. Also, it’s a learning for them on how to retain their staff. (Go to question 2)
  2. Is this a slight change or a full career shift? Do you still believe there are a passion point and personal professional growth in your current role? (If yes go to question 3) (if no go to question 4)
  3. Reflect on the parts of your role that you enjoy and gets you excited, the parts of your role you are naturally interested in and also the parts you seem to excel in. Another handy trick is to think of people more senior that you aspire to, what path have they taken to get to where they are? (then go to number 5)
  4. This is probably where you need to see a coach or careers guide, my Tuesday afternoon quiz can only take you so far.
  5. Now’s the time to start researching the roles that are right for you based on your transitional skills and natural interests and passions, start reaching out to specialist recruiters, people who inspire you, mentors and people you trust and respect who have managed you in the past, they know your working style the best of all.

It’s an exciting time, but you want to go into the search armed with your own personal and professional reflections and a clear picture of what you are looking for next. Go forth and grow!  

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