I know what it is like to be on a 417 working holiday visa cont…

22 November 2017 Jeni Ogilvy

Blog Post 2

In my previous blog, I gave you an insight into my farming experience. Now let’s talk about your options, you could either focus your time and energy into working for an organisation who can offer sponsorship, accept that you will only work in Australia for a year or do your regional work and gain another year.

Option 1:

You give yourself the best possible chance of gaining sponsorship.

  • Do your research

Check out the Australian Government board, where there are helpful Frequently Asked Questions regarding employment history and qualifications. If you’re like me and would rather speak to someone then call an Accredited Mitigation Agent. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible to be sponsored then have a look here.

  • Who can sponsor?

Even though you hear that it’s a lot harder to get sponsorship, there are still organisations out there that want to sponsor. Don’t just rely on job boards, talk to your friends who have been sponsored? Who do they work for? What connections do they have? Talk to your friendly iknowho recruiters. Use your networking skills to help gain insight into the sponsorship market.

  • Stand out from the crowd

If you’re still overseas, then recruiters and future employees can only gage who you’re from your Linkedin profile and how you sound over the phone. Make sure your Linkedin profile is updated with your correct information and presents you in the light you want to be seen. Start building your network and connect with leaders within your market, make yourself seen!

  • It’s all about the interview

This is your time to shine, come to the interview prepared. Do your research on your industry within the Australia market, this market may be very different to your home market. If you’re unsure of suitable questions then ask your iknowho recruiter for advice.

When your interviewer asks about your long-term plans, then this is your time to do some digging into their company…put them on the spot.

  • How often does this company sponsor individuals?
  • How often does this company sponsor candidates in my role?
  • Does your company meet the threshold requirements to sponsor someone?

Do these answers help or hurt your situation

Option 2:

You take on contract roles that can last up to 6 months for one employer, if you time it right and don’t disappear to Bali too often you can work almost a full year in Australia, adding great international experience to your CV.

Option 3:

Farming. You just get on with it.

It’s not all doom and gloom, there are options out there. Just don’t give up and if you do want to stay then do your research.

Don’t forget the iknowho team is here to help.

Just remember if I can do it, then so can you!