What have the Creative Agencies and Brands been up to in support of Marriage Equality?

11 October 2017 Jeni Ogilvy

Marriage Equality in Australia

You have all heard about it from the Media, from family, from friends and in 6 week’s time the votes will be in and we will find out if Australia is taking a step in the right direction to get same-sex marriage legalised.

The ‘yes’ campaign has even gone global, encouraging the 200,000 Aussies living in the UK to vote in the marriage equality campaign. Aussie actor Doug Hansell came up with the concept of a video to show his support.

What a great way to get those Aussies that are overseas on board. Also featured in the video is Miriam Margolyes, a Harry Potter superstar, who spends a lot of her time in the UK and Australia.

Marketing campaigns can have a strong influence on people, there has been some clever campaigning from brands so far and here are some of my personal favourites;



Let’s start with Coca-Cola…you can’t miss the Kings Cross billboards, which now read ‘we say yes to love’ and the bottle is painted in the colours of the rainbow. At night time the billboard emits rainbow coloured lights. 


Coca cola yes to love in support of marriage equalityCoca cola love in support of marriage equality

Coca-Cola goes the next step further and have redesigned their cans to say ‘love’. All of this campaigning gets massive thumbs up from the iknowho team!


iknowho Director Dene Gambotto and Qantas’ boss Alan JoyceQantas

Qantas’ boss Alan Joyce, who has always been a great spokesman for the LGBTQ community, has personally donated a massive $1 million to the ‘Yes’ campaign, making him the largest individual contributor to the ‘Yes’ campaign according to Fairfax Media.





Airbnb and Clemenger BBDO until we all belong, in support of marriage equality

Airbnb and Clemenger BBDO

Airbnb and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have teamed up in support of marriage equality with the ‘Until we all belong’ campaign. This campaign called on all Australians to wear a bespoke ring, the ultimate symbol of marriage. This bespoke ring is not a full circle, representing we can only have a full circled ring once we have marriage equality in this country.






Let’s not forget when AdNews asked an array of creative agencies to create fake ads in support of same-sex marriage a few years ago. These ads have circled round our social media feeds once again and couldn’t be more poignant today. Check out some of their mock briefs from the likes of McCann, The Works and Bohemia.


g'day marriageTo those who say no to loveIf marriage isn't for everyone it should be for no one

Well done to those brands and agencies using their platform to have a positive influence.

It’s your choice, and if you haven’t done so, then please post submit your postal vote. If you’re based in the UK then please log online and get your vote submitted.

Let’s all make a difference….let’s make history.