What We Can Learn From Networking Events and How to Put These into Action

26 April 2017 Marissa La Spina


I recently attended the ADMA 30Below – Actions Speak Louder Than Words networking event which gave me a wider insight into brands and how they interact with their customers through brand presence and engagement.

Listening to a fantastic bunch of speakers including James Hopkins at Mon PurseStevan Premutico Founder and CEO from DimmiJadanne Dare Head of Marketing ANZ for AdobeAdam Donnelly Head of Strategy at The Works and Richard Sauerman Co-founder of Brandcraft. Whilst from a range of different industries – data and loyalty was at the heart.

I was immersed with professionals across varied sectors that weren't just consumer centric, but tech and CRM sectors (which I'm secretly passionate about!) I learnt a lot whilst sitting there taking notes; some insights that I found useful, and that I can use in my everyday life as a recruiter were the following:

  • Take a step back and see your customers in a digital space, how can we analyse their data, behaviours and how do they interact with us
  • We tend to focus on numbers, take a side step and focus on loyalty – people don’t talk about it until they have tried it
  • Help create moments with customers – make them feel valued so they come back ‘Crystallise the Why’
  • Create relevant content across every touchpoint to connect with the right person, at the right time, and in the right place
  • Build trust with your customers – they will talk about the experience they had with you
  • In the end people only want one thing - an experience that makes them feel better about themselves

Networking events are useful in many ways and a great way to continue learning. They are also a great way to bring back lessons to share with your colleagues; whether it be learning about new technologies, how agencies work and what approach they take, or how we can benefit from a new perspective.


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