Contract, the new probation – how to make that role a permanent move

Beth Price


Are you looking to take the next step in your career this year? Would love a permanent job, but find you’re struggling to find your next ideal role? You might want to consider a contract role, not only are contract roles great ways to pick up news skills in different environments but companies will often prefer to get someone in the role asap on a contract role, and later consider this role permanently.

Here are some of my tips to putting yourself in the best position to land that dream job on a full time permanent basis.  

New mantra ‘I am a full-time employee’

Although you are working on a contract basis, you need to get into the mentality that you are already permanent and make sure you go above and beyond on every project you are given. If you can see some way to add value outside of your core duties, do it! Show them what they will be getting if you were to become a full-time employee.


Again, treat the contract role as if you are already a permanent employee, take an interest in those around you, help and support your team and get involved when possible with the wider company community. Culture is so important, and when taking references on an amazing employee I often find the referee states ‘they were liked by everyone’, ‘they fit in brilliantly’, or that ‘they really understood our company culture’. Make sure you get stuck in with social activities and keep a positive culture going.

Be honest

Don’t wait to be asked if you want to become a permanent employee – ask for it! Make sure you are clear with your recruiter, or hiring manager if directly applied, that you are looking to move from the contract role into a permanent role with them. When you have your monthly catch ups, or whenever they may be – make sure that you are gaining feedback, noting down what feedback you get, and improve on those things flagged. Ask your manager if there is anything else you should be doing to gain a permanent role.

With all the above tips, remember that you need to be a positive asset to them – don’t push too hard, you just want to make it clear and easy for them to bring you onboard permanently, not be a pain in their behind!


Good luck. If you’re wanting more advice on contract roles, or how to find your next dream job, please get in touch with me at