Capture them with content, how to make sure you attract top talent to your business

03 November 2016 Brianna Paton


At iknowho we know that attracting top talent all comes down to the content we produce to communicate the opportunity. Whether this is in the initial job ad, the way in which we talk to the candidate about the opportunity or detail we extract when taking the brief from our clients, communication is key. Identifying the mission and core values of the company, what kind of lifestyle/career path the company offers and then succinctly communicating this information across multiple channels results in attracting top talent.

90% of employed adults hired within the past year took action to find a job 6 months before being hired.* That’s a six-month period in which top talent could become interested & engaged with your company. However, to do so, they have to be given the opportunity!


In a world in which there are hundreds of thousands of jobs posted daily, how do you cut through the noise and attract the top talent that suits your business?

By introducing your company and the benefits of the role, the first time you connect with potential candidates you allow them to identify if your company is culturally right whilst also provoking interest in the unique benefits of working for your brand. Top talent wants to be empowered to make their own choices, they know their skill sets, are confident in their abilities so are more interested in unearthing why they should make the switch and what they will gain.

Delivering content that will resonate with the end user is incredibly important. Not only for the job ad but to also to drive brand awareness. With the best possible content at both the macrolevel (your employer brand) and microlevel (a specific job you need to fill), you can maximise the ROI of inbound channels—driving qualified candidates to your company while still engaging outbound candidates.

Lori Russo
Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand
Trip Advisor.

The more information you offer about the identity of your company through online content, blogs, social media presence, job ads and the careers section of your website, the more talent will associate with your brand on a personal level.

Considerations are:

  • Do you have a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to communicate?
  • Tone, are you using the right terminology? If your brand was a person how would it speak?
  • Consistency, is your brand identity present in all channels of communication?
  • Location, is the content for your brand in the right place and being associated with the right places, people, products?

An example of a company that does this incredibly well is Airbnb. Their careers site titled “Life” talks about just that, why life is great at Airbnb and inspires talent to identify with their core values and mission statement. Check it out at:

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