Maroon or Marooned – Is a move to the Sunshine State a real possibility or a pipe dream?

11 May 14:00 by Nick Berman


Five and a half years ago, my wife and I decided to make the move from Sydney up to Brisbane. At the time we were a single income family with a one-year-old baby, not entirely sure what the future would hold for us! Looking back, I can happily say the risk we took has well and truly paid off. With a growing family we have been able to afford our own home, some land and the lifestyle we have always wanted. All-in-all we are a very satisfied family unit. So, I wanted to share my thoughts on what a move north could also do for you.


Firstly, it’s long been thought that relocating to South-East Queensland would be seen as a step backward in your career and a large salary drop. Is this still the case?

Well, with a fast-growing population of 3.5 million people, SEQ also accommodates thousands of businesses which are keen to invest in top talent. Additionally, the Gold Coast hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games, boosting levels of interests in the area. The spectacular performance gave the rest of the country a taste of what Queensland can offer.

This has further encouraged more people to consider making the move interstate.

In the Brisbane region opportunities exist for experienced Marketers, Designers, and Technologists. Once here, candidates will certainly find career progression opportunities and strategic challenges within the business environment.

There are also several highly innovative businesses and well-regarded start-ups emerging in SEQ, providing exponential growth opportunities for skilled and talented individuals.


Next, does work-life balance exist?

Let’s face it, work-life balance is something we’re all looking to improve. With more affordable living within proximity to the CBD and top tourist destinations within reach for the weekends. Brisbane and the Gold Coast certainly have a lot to offer to help improve your work-life balance. Obviously when it comes to achieving a healthy work-life balance so much is dependent on the individual (or couple), as some people will fill in white space in their workday no matter how busy they are. However, with the Gold Coast and Sunny Coast on your doorstep, it would be hard not to make time to feel the sand between your toes!


Finally, let’s be realistic!

Before even beginning your accommodation search or job hunt up here, it’s a good idea first to really evaluate your expectations. Are you looking for a change of location to provide an important life change? By this I mean will the Sunshine State be able to provide the opportunities you really seek or are you chasing something that simply doesn’t exist? Maybe you’re only looking for a career change after all.

Working to identify your key life motivators and goals should help you know when you’ve found the right opportunity. Keep realistic, remain focused, and most of all remember the choice you are making should be one to open space in your life. Therefore, giving you more time to do what you love; whether it be design, spend time with your family or achieve personal goals.

If you’d like to have a chat with me about relocating to South East Queensland, and the jobs we have available in the area, get in touch today.

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