5 Minutes with Sheryn Small

Jeni Ogilvy

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Earlier this month we welcomed Sheryn Small to the iknowho team as our newest Lead Consultant. I sat down with Sheryn for 5 minutes to ask her some quick-fire questions about her decision to join us and her experience to date. Here is what she had to say:


Why did you make the move to iknowho? 

Having worked in advertising agencies my entire career, I was ready for a change of direction. Once I decided on recruitment, iknowho was the natural choice for me as having been both a candidate and client of theirs I was really familiar with the iknowho brand and all that they stand for. I’m also a huge fan of Dene and knew that I’d be happy working for her.


What’s the one tip you’d give to marketers looking for their next role?

Be clear about what it is you’re after and keep looking until you find something which ticks all your boxes. Better to take your time to find something that’s right, rather than to compromise on something that’s important only to regret it down the line. 


You’ve interviewed 100’s of marketers over the years, tell me what impresses you most when interviewing a candidate?

Succinct intelligent answers that are illustrated by great proof points.  


You’ve had lots of bosses in various agencies over the years…but who was your best and why?

Anthony Gregorio. He empowered me, trusted me and was never too busy to listen and lend support and guidance when I needed it.


What are you looking forward to most about working at iknowho?

Working at iknowho will give me the opportunity to work across multiple agency brands, big and small, and with great client brands like Apple and Sydney Opera House. I’m really looking forward to helping marketers find the best fit for them and hopefully lending some guidance along the way.


What are you most passionate about changing in the marketing talent landscape?

That’s an easy one. Whilst some small steps are being made, there still needs to be a much greater push for cultural diversity, particularly in agencies, and more females in leadership roles. My former role has also taught me the value of investing in talent through career development and training, so I’ll be encouraging clients to look at this if they aren’t already.


Sheryn is recruiting senior marketing roles for iknowho, including Senior Agency Account Management; from Established Account Directors through to Client Services Directors and General Management, and Client-side Marketing; from Marketing Managers through to Heads of Marketing.

If you are looking for your next career move, get in touch with Sheryn on (02) 8925 9208 for a confidential chat.