Interview Prep: How to Really Get to Know a Company Before You Interview

Marissa La Spina


You can never know too much about a company that you’re interviewing to work at. Future employers look at your preparation and how you can handle the obvious question ’So tell me what you know about us’ or ‘Why do you want to work for us’. But it’s also for you to work out if they are the kind of company you’d like to work for.

Here are some top tips on how to really get under the skin of a company prior to interview:

1. Website research is a mandatory (but you need to dig deeper)

Of course you need to start research with the company website, but it’s not a quick glance, you need to dig deeper, review case studies (have an opinion), bring what you know about the company to the interview to really show how keen you are. This will highly impress the interviewee

2. Social Media channels

a. Facebook/Instagram – How do they represent their company socially?

  • How do they celebrate success?
  • What other content do they post on their pages? Is it business insights, recent wins, networking events?
  • Celebrate birthday’s or take part in charity events?
  • Do they feature internal staff profiles? How can you gain further insight to the team there, can you see who your potential team would be?
  • Can you see what their office is like?

b. LinkedIn – This is more of a professional platform/business snapshot

  • What content are they posting – business news, case studies, employee profiles, opinion pieces or new wins
  • Changes to the company profile, new staff members joining the team and staff turnover
  • How do they interact with their followers and reply to posts
  • Who else do they follow and how they interact with other businesses

c. Twitter - What can you find out from their Twitter feed

  • Do their brand values reflect on their page?
  • How do they use it?
  • What topics are they highlighting?
  • Who are they following and how do they interact with followers and brands?

d. Blog – What content are they posting and how frequently?

  • Who is posting the content? Is it the MD, Social Media/Editor or a Marketing team member?
  • How often do they post – is it weekly, monthly?
  • What topics do they cover? Is it industry news or business wins, their opinions of the current market


3. Leadership / employee content

a. Research into their management team on LinkedIn, see what their previous background is, could you learn from a specific person internally?

b. How do they represent their leadership team and how do they engage with the public, are they writing industry articles?

c. What channels do they use and do they contributes to industries website/blogs, marketing websites, media channels?

4. Industry press / news

Here you can dig deeper into where they appear in the media

a. Google news items for the agency and who their clients are

b. Look at websites such as: AdNewsMumbrellaB&TCampaign BriefGlassdoor

Look at the finalists from the AdNews People & Culture Awards – stand out agencies who are a great example of delivering their employer brand across multiple channels.



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